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Recipient Mares on Pasture at Equistar

Welcome to Equistar
Veterinary Services!

Equistar Vet Services is an 80+ acre equine breeding facility and veterinary clinic owned and operated by Dr. Deb Harrison-Steele and Ron Harrison.

Our Reproduction Services include:
  • Artificial Insemination using fresh cooled or frozen semen.
  • Fertility Evaluations (mares or stallions).
  • Stallion Collection.
  • Freezing Semen .
  • Frozen Semen Storage.
  • Receiving station for fresh, cooled or frozen semen.
  • Canadian Frozen Semen Distribution Center for several US Stallion Stations.
  • Shipping Semen (Within Canada or US).
  • Embryo Transfer.
  • Assisted Foaling / Foaling Observation.
All mares are housed in individual pens which are cleaned daily. Also, all mares are fed three times daily with grain supplements for underweight or lactating mares.
Hot walker and blanket services available for show mares at an additional charge.


Equistar Veterinary Services
Dr. Deb Harrison-Steele, DVM
Ron Harrison, Farm Manager
51511A Range Road 273
Spruce Grove, AB
T7Y 1H3
11 km south of Zender Ford in Spruce Grove
780-963-1205 Clinic
780-914-5563 Ron's Cell

Office Hours:

9:00am - 6:00pm weekdays

Saturday and evening hours are available by appointment.

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.