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Artificial Insemination (AI) involves teasing / ultrasounding the mare to determine the best time to breed then directly depositing the semen into her uterus via a pipette.

The total cost to breed your mare is quite variable depending on her level of fertility, semen quality, shipping costs, type of semen used (fresh or frozen) and how predicable your mare cycles. We recommend that our clients budget around $1000  - $1200 to inseminate using fresh, semen from the US and around $1200 - $1500 for frozen semen.
 Once again this is quite variable!!!
 Breeding to local stallions is often less expensive as shipping costs are less, semen is generaly more available and no importation fees. 

Individual services fee's
AI (fresh semen)  $70
AI (frozen semen) $89
Ultrasound / Preg Diagnosis $75
Repeat Ultrasound $58
Mare Care - outside / dry mare $16/day
Mare Care - outside / wet mare $18/day
Mare Care - inside stall / dry mare $25/day
Mare Care - inside stall / wet mare $29/day

To help reduce costs we recommend that the mare be monitored / teased at home then brought to Equistar when she is showing first signs of being in heat.

Remember! If you are breeding to a US stallion we require an import permit and at least 72 hours notice so PLEASE let us know which stallion you have chosen so we can get the paperwork in place.

  • less risk to mare and stallion for trauma and disease.
  • less debris for mare to remove from uterus (important in sub-fertile mares).
  • able to breed more mares with stallion.
  • able to choose stallions that live farther away / less transport of mare.

  • more expensive then live cover
  • risk of injury to rectum from palpating.
  • in some cases, reduced fertility (depends on semen quality and timing of insemination)

    Fresh cooled semen is where the semen is preserved with extender and is shipped in specialized semen boxes or containers. The semen is viable for 24 – 72 hours depending on the stallion, collection / handling methods and type of container used. Pregnancy rates are generally good (60-75 percent).

    Frozen semen is permanently frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen. The advantage is that timing and semen availability is less of an issue but tends to be more expensive to use (requires more ultrasounds) and pregnancy rates are lower (55 - 65 percent). If possible fresh, cooled semen is preferable.

    It is the responsibility of the mare owner to decide on which stallion they would like to use, complete the stallion contract / requirements and provide Equistar Veterinary Services with complete stallion owner and mare owner contact information. Copy of mares registration papers (if applicable) and signed stallion contract need to be dropped off with mare.